Extraction of gram positive rRNA without a centrifuge

teresa_mogul at my-deja.com teresa_mogul at my-deja.com
Wed Jan 17 21:08:41 EST 2001

Hi all, appologies if I have already sent this

Does anyone know the best way to extract RNA from gram positive
bacteria. It is very important that I maintain the integrity of the RNA
as I'm looking for very good sensitivity values.The bacteria have been
grown in a medium that may contain RNases. I have been using a vacuum
manifold and guanidium thiocyanate for my gram negatives and this seems
to work well.

Does lysozyme destroy RNA?
Does mercaptoethanol effect the activity of lysozyme?
Does heating and cooling destroy RNA?
What is a good anti-inhibitor agent to use in RT-PCR (BSA seems to be no

Thaks for any help!

Regards Teresa


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