Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Tue Jan 23 10:31:28 EST 2001

JM.Reichhart at (JMR) wrote:

:        I'm looking for an Anti-Myc Ab already bound to a matrix (eg 
:sepharose...). Does anybody know where I can buy it. With many thanks

Babco, I believe, sells it.
The price for 1 ml is around $500

If you need it for large scale applications, you might be 
interested in cheaper alternative: anti-myc 
producing hybridomas are available for a nominal price from
ATCC.  One can easily grow some cells, inject in mice, 
purify IgG from ascites and couple them to the Sepharose.
All of these steps are pretty standard and easy to perfom.

        - Dima

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