lipofectamine plus

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Tue Jan 23 13:54:00 EST 2001

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Sophie Le Page  <slepage at> wrote:
>transfected with lipofectamine plus? Recently I have tried this and have
>got lots of background that I suspect may be the plus/DNA/lipofectamine
>complex fluorescing.    I have done the staining many times with regular
>lipofectamine and haven't had a problem with background.

I tried Lipofectamine 2000 once and also saw lots of fluorescence.  There 
were lots of dead cells in the mix (the LP2000 seemed to be harder on my 
cells than the FuGene6 I usually use) and I'd  assumed that it was 
autofluorescence.  If you didn't have many dead cells and you still saw 
it, then your idea sounds more likely than mine.

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