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Wed Jan 24 03:14:00 EST 2001

> At 09:35 PM 1/23/01 +0000, Michael Witty wrote:
> >Dear All, my group uses Amberlite mixed resin to help destain
> >blue BUT only some types of the beads turn blue.  I wonder if anyone
> >of a non-mixed product that I could use and save money.

CBB has a positive charge in acetic acid (tertiary amine), and will only
bind to cation exchangers (which have negative charges).

A mixed resin contains both cation and anion exchangers, so half of the
beads will remain colourless, as you observed. Such resins are used for
example to demineralise water, which contains both cations and anions.

Appart from ion exchangers, activated charcoal could be used, but the
fines would have to be carefully removed, otherwise you'l get a mess. As
pointed out by another poster, packing foam is a cheap and good

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