Protein assay problems

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Wed Jan 24 12:53:24 EST 2001

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> > I am attempting to do Western blots with material from Laser Capture
> > Microdissection caps.
> > I am reluctant to try to precipitate out proteins before assaying
> > because I have so little protein and I'm worried about creating false
> > variability betwen samples.
> This depends on the method you use. Chloroform/Methanol
> precipitation (Wessel + Fl"ugge) is quite reliable, and if you follow
> that with the BCA protein determination (check the Pierce catalogue) the
> whole thing is quite sensitive (especially in microcuvettes, were you
> can work with 50-100 ul total volume at 10 mm path length)

Could you post the details of the Chloroform/Methanol method? I did not here
about it and would like to try it vs. trichloroacetate.
Thank you

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