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Mon Jan 29 19:34:13 EST 2001

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>I asked this before but didn't get enough people to respond.
>It would be nice if all readers simply comment please.
>Here is the question again simlified:
>Please rate (your opinion) what kits are the 3 best
>for plasmid mini preps?
>1. ?
>2. ?
>3. ?

It really depends what you need the miniprep for.
In most cases, anything from simple alkaline pption,
with or without further cleanup, to a home made silica-based
minipreps, in batch or column format, will do just fine.

If price is not a consideration and you want your DNA
to be usable in just about any application, then Qiagen's
mini preps are quite good. A friend of mine is completely 
sold on Bio-Rad's diatomous earth-based kit (forgot the 
name - Prep A Gene?). In general, miniprep is not 
something that requires "quality" in a sense of DNA 
being chemically pure. Thus, "best" is what works 
best for YOU (and people are known to have different

        - Dima

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