In situ hybe emulsion

Rachel rgeddy at
Tue Jan 30 10:34:13 EST 2001

I can see the sections, but the emulsion is dark grey. When I view the
sections under darkfield, the ones which don't have emulsion on them shine
with silver grains, and the emulsion, and the sections under the emulsion do
not shine at all; the field is completely black. I am working with plant
tissue sections, if this makes any difference at all.


> Depends on the optics I suppose. If you can see the section then the
> emulsion is not too thick for viewing (it should be transparent after
> processing). I was concerned that by your description this could be the
> case. Apart from the emulsion situation are you seeing silver grains at
> all? Most people use darkfield illumination to see this but if it is
> dense it can be seen in brightfield too. You could try in
> sci.techniques.microscopy too, autoradiograpy is an old technique.
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