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Peter Dudek peterd at
Mon Jul 2 03:23:55 EST 2001

I suggest wxWindows ( I used these libraries last
summer when I ported my friends DOS C++ code to WinNT. It supports all
windows platforms, as well as Linux and Unix variants with GTK+ or Motif,
and even the MacOS (I don't know if it supports MacOS-X yet). When I say
"supports", I mean you can use these libraries to "cross-compile" code, with
very little modification (just a few lines in the header). This is really
the only project I know of its kind (that is free).

Trolltech (, on the other hand, are the creators
of the famous Qt crossplatform C++ GUI toolkit, but as far as I know, you
have to pay for it. However, I just took a quick look at the website, and it
looks like they just made available a non-commercial license (only last
week, no less). I haven't bothered to read the details yet (I will though,
this is rather exciting), but I suggest you check them out as well.


> Hi all,
> I would like to convert some molbio calculations into to a nifty
> computer program. Since I don't want to spend my time setting
> all that GUI stuff, I am looking for some basic program scaffold
> already comprising some basic features like file in and output,
> an editor, clipboard functions and so. language should be C, if
> possible. Portability was good (i.e. someting that one may
> compile using GCC or so) and also being distributed under the
> GPL or as freeware.
> Any pointes to somewhere in virtuality?
> Wolfgang
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