P32 vs. P33 for PCR detection

Marc Crepeau mwcrepeau at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 2 18:22:13 EST 2001

Why do people sometimes use P33 to label PCR products for detection
via autoradiograms?  What is the advantage over P32?  We order P32
routinely for our Southern blot hybridizations, and I'm told it's
cheaper than P33.  But I have some microsatellite markers that I want
to use, and the information I have states that the developers employed
P33 for detection, not P32 (the species in question is highly
polyploid, so visualization with EtBr is not sufficiently sensitive). 
Would I get the same results if I just spiked the PCR with the alpha
labeled P32 that we already have in the lab?

Marc Crepeau
<mwcrepeau at hotmail.com>

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