Fw: making plasmid maps in adobe illustrator?

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Tue Jul 3 01:53:56 EST 2001

> I went to the above site, filled out the form, clicked on "draw
> and it sent me to the same site, effectively reloading the page, and
> erasing the form.  What am I missing?
> Alex
OK. Here's is the deal! I intentionally didn't advertise Savvy because it
is not yet fully tested and still in the concept generation state. Anyway,
it does a good job for circular plasmid map. I apologise the lack of

What is Savvy?
Savvy is just a perl script that uses a big framework of generatiing
Scalable vector graphics map for Biology. No prize for guessing the name.
It's called "BioSVG". Savvy draws map (at present circular) depending on
the locations of the "gene", "marker", "restriction enzymes sites", "MCS"
etc. The filling up of the form is slightly tricky. You need to add the
"features" to a list before submitting the form. I suggest you try with
some simple map to get used to the interface. Supply the name and the size
of the plasmid. It should draw a circle with the name and size written at
the centre.

What is SVG?
SVG or the scalable vector graphics the new revolutionary graphics format
from W3C. It's just an XML file which is taken as an input from a SVG
viewer. The easiest way to view SVG is to install the SVG plugin from
Adobe (http://www.adobe.com/svg/viewer/install/main.html). Unfortunately
the plugin is available only
for MAC and windows. Linux user can use BATIK from Apache. For more about
SVG go to W3C SVG site (http://www.w3c.org/Graphics/SVG/)

How do you view Savvy output?
If you are using MAC or Windows install the plugin from Adobe and when you
click "Draw Plasmid" the map will be shown in the browser. If you are
using Netscape on Linux the browser will prompt you to save the file on
your hard drive. Save the file and open it with BATIK.

How do you use Savvy maps?
You can take a print from the browser windows. The graphics Savvy
generates is fabulous and publication quality. You can "right-click" on
the map and copy and paste the graphics is another program. You can even
open Savvy output in Adobe Illustrator 9 and modify the plasmid map as
vector graphics.

I hope it helps. If you face any problem contact me. 



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