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Dag Rune Gjellesvik dagrg at
Tue Jul 3 08:30:51 EST 2001

I do not know the specific instrument, but may give a general guide. You may
collect the data from the serial port by means of a terminal program, but
then you must know the baud rate, parity, stop bits and eventual handshake
protocol to configure it (you may find this in the manual).

Then you must have a specification of the serial cable, make one, or get one
from the supplier.

Next, you must know the communication codes specific for the instrument
(instructions for reading plate, sending data and so on).

The data is usually formatted in ways that may vary considerably. The
supplier of the instrument should provide you with a description of
instruction codes and data format if this is not described in the manual.

When you have this information, you may play around with them with a
terminal program when your serial port is connected to the instrument. Set
up the terminal session with comport (serial 1 or 2), data format (baud,
parity, stop handshake), and start sending instruction codes and see what
you get.

Still - you may not succeed the first time, and will have to try different
configurations (linefeed code, carrier return and possibly other parameters)

Anyway - good luck!

Dag Rune Gjellesvik
Biotec ASA
Tromso, Norway
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> Hi all,
> I wonder if there is there a way to get the data from a Molecular
> Devices Thermo Max microplate reader into a file?
> I noticed there is a serial port on the back and they offer some
> (quite expensive) software package to remote control the
> machine. But all I'd need is to read out the data with some sort
> of terminal program running on a pc or a mac.
> Any hints?
> Wolfgang
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