Fw: making plasmid maps in adobe illustrator?

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Tue Jul 3 10:13:32 EST 2001

Hi Bryan:

> Will it read in a GenBank comment/features list as its input?

Currently BioSVG has GFF support. Soon I'll handle DASGFF and GAME2.
Genbank support is child's play except the parsing of features. Bioperl
has good support for Genbank feature parsing. I'm just planning to lift
the whole code from Bioperl ;-) Ewan, Jason and Heikki (Bioperl hackers)
notwithstanding. Ha Ha :-) I hope they aren't listening. ;-)

Cheers and  cheer me too if you want the code to roll out fast!


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