dessicator: how to build?

R. Jayakumar jakku at
Tue Jul 3 12:47:37 EST 2001

I think that should be relatively easy. A dissicator actually does not keep
moisture out. Rather the dessicant kept inside absorbs all moisture that
enters. alternatively some good desicators have a vacuum outlet to vacuum
it.  The container should be airtight when closed and the items kept inside
should be easily taken out.  The container should also be relatively
     You can just use a large glass jar or bottle with an airtight plastic
cap and fit it with a false bottom with perforations in it of cardboard or
metal. place silicagel or any other commercially available dessicant at the
bottom and the container should be ready to use.
   best of luck

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> Hi,
> Instead of buying a dessicator which is a container
> that would keep all moisture out (H2O) I would
> like to build one.
> Can someone please advise on how to do this,  we
> would like to store small vials that contain 10 grams
> of reagent in our freezer inside the dessicator for
> long term storage.
> If you know what materials to place inside the
> dessicator with quantity I would appreciate it.
> I am not sure but I believe silica or epson salts
> are placed inside the containers.
> Please advise.


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