Visualizing Z-DNA?

Edgar Valencia edgar at
Thu Jul 5 13:21:26 EST 2001

Hi Guys

I wonder if there is a 'simple" way of seeing Z-DNA in a gel. The
problem is this, using software for predicting structure I found a
putative z-DNA zone inside the region Im studying. Since this zone is
very unstable under active replication, I want to know whether this zone
might be responsible of this effect and therefore I would like to have a
more "solid" evidence that this region has a special topology, not only
the computer prediction. I think I saw some years ago a paper stating
using ethidium bromide might reveal anormal migration for Z-DNa, but Im
not sure where it was. so, if anybody have any ideas about how to see
Z-DNA or some references which could be useful, I would be very happy.


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