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In <i%117.8410$D03.273947 at>, Stefi~ wrote:
>Hi everyone. I need to know if it is possible to do a Western blotting of a
>bidimensional poliacrylamide gel. I have to separate and rivelate two
>proteins that have same molecular weight but a little bit different
>isoeletric point. I need answer for tomorrow, so, please, send your answers
>to gifalone at so I can read them from my laboratory. Thanx so much!

Yes, it is possible to Western blot a 2-D gel. I've done it once to confirm the
specificity of an antibody. I suppose you could call it a 3D-gel! ;-)

You really need to make sure about the positioning and alignment of the gel and
blot, to make sure you know where the labelled spot is.


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