Visualizing Z-DNA?

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Fri Jul 6 03:30:28 EST 2001

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 Hello Edgar,

> I wonder if there is a 'simple" way of seeing Z-DNA in a gel. The
> problem is this, using software for predicting structure I found a
> putative z-DNA zone inside the region Im studying. Since this zone is
> very unstable under active replication, I want to know whether this zone
> might be responsible of this effect and therefore I would like to have a
> more "solid" evidence that this region has a special topology, not only
> the computer prediction. I think I saw some years ago a paper stating
> using ethidium bromide might reveal anormal migration for Z-DNa, but Im
> not sure where it was. so, if anybody have any ideas about how to see
> Z-DNA or some references which could be useful, I would be very happy.

For certain nucleic-acid types, and Z-DNA, belongs to this types,
antibodies are availible. You can for example look with atomic force
microscopy for binding sites. The microscope is expensive like hell,
but if can find some cooperation partner the experiments are quite
The are also some publications on this topic, if I remember right to
the authors belong Schaper in the group of T. Jovin,

Hope this helps, 


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