additional question: RNA stability and storage

Dr. James J. Campanella campanellj at
Fri Jul 6 12:03:33 EST 2001

So how what percentage of loss does everyone think you
will get per freeze-thaw cycle if the RNA is left in
a single tube and freeze-thawed for use? 10% 20% 50%?

>I'm just wondering how most people store their RNA extracts.
>Obviously freeze-thawing is not a worry in long-term storage, 
>but if you are using your RNA extracts every day and
>storing them frozen, how do you ensure that you do not 
>lose much RNA to degradation? Sorry if the question is a bit
>naive, but I have mostly dealt with DNA in the past . . .
>Montclair State University
>Dept. of Biology and Molecular Biology 
>Montclair, NJ 07043


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