Fw: Plant gene isolation - query

clarosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Fri Jul 6 14:02:16 EST 2001

Deanne Bell wrote:

> Hi all
> I am trying to follow this cloning stuff, but I am afraid I am missing some
> basic vocabulary, can someone refer me to a basic, descriptive article
> where I could learn such things as "race procedures", "walk", and the pros
> and cons of degenerative PCR?

As a former "Molecular Geneticist" with the ARS_USDA , I suggest you invest in
one of the new editions the cloning bibles
either the blue or the Red one.... that is either "Molecular Cloning"   (new
revised edition), or "Current Protocols in Molecular Biology", maybe there are
other new books out ... the new Molecular Cloning from Cold Springs Harbor
seemed a bit dated but not overly so.

Alternately you can usually find all this stuff up on the web.  A good search
engine for technical stuff is www.google.com

dont be decieved by the silly name it is very good.  One hint is to use  3

The links mentioned in other responses are good too.   .

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