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>eukaryote at psr.org wrote:
>:I have found that there are some companies that can develop an assay
>:for you.  The quality depends on how much you can spend.  If you have
>:found biosource then you might know as much as or more than I. 
>:Immunochemistry Technologies told me that they will make plates coated
>:with antibody or antigen if you send them the antibody and antigen.  
>Wow, that's impressive. Are they willing to go _that_ far as to 
>incubate plates with antibody or antigen and then wash them? 
>What a commercial breakthrough. 

"Commercial" is the term to use.  It's not a cheap alternative.

>:They will do a lot more
>:then that if you spend more.  QED Bioscience told me that they sell
>:ELISA kits with very specific directions, which tell you exactly what
>:to do with your antigen and antibody.  
>Even more miracles from biotech industry. Do they _really_ 
>tell you how to perform ELISA? Wow again. Wonders never cease.

If you have enough money to burn, it is almost possible to completely farm 
out an entire "research" program these days.  Actually doing it in-lab is 
usually far more cost-effective except for a few specializations--but even 
then specialist collaboration is still often much more fruitful.

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