Restriction Enzyme Stability at 50 degC?

Roland Hubner roland.hubner at
Mon Jul 9 06:58:46 EST 2001

> >is there any info on stability / survival / star activity of restriction 
> >enzymes normally used at 37 degC when they are forced to 
> >work under more tropical conditions (i.e. in a double digest with 
> >SfiI at 50 degreesC?)
> My guess would be that start activity would not increase but half life
> of enzyme would decrease. I would reckon you will drop down to between
> 25and 50% of enzyme activity.
> I think you will have to just try it.


 that range seems to be what one would expect, but the activity of Spe I 
is _ENHANCED_ 4-fold by incubation at 50?C (heat inactivated after 10 
min at 65?C though)! [see LifeTech 2001 Cat p. 2-23]



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