Largest recombinant protein

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Mon Jul 9 09:36:11 EST 2001

Jacky Hung <hung at> wrote:
:Hi everyone
:This is the first time I wrote to this group, so please bear with me as I
:blunder through.  I am not even sure if this is the right group to post
:this question, but please keep all flames to a pilot level.  I am
:interested in recombinant proteins, and would like to know what is the
:largest recombinant protein ever reported to have been expressed
:(particularly in bacteria).  I have done some searches in Pubmed, but
:there is over 5 000 citations when I search with "Large + Recombinant
:enzyme".  Anyone with any ideas? If you could even point me to the right
:direction, I would be eternally greatful.

I don't know. The largest I've heard (600K) is sitting 
next door in the form of baculovirus expression system.
Does not sound like 1M would be particularly difficult
there, but there are not many proteins of this size. 

        - Dima

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