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Peter Dudek peterd at
Mon Jul 9 11:30:14 EST 2001

ISI, through its "Web of Science" program, offers a citation index. I'm not
sure if the service can be purchased on its own, but here is the link to
ISI's website where I'm sure you will find the information you are looking

ISI, if you are aware, is famous for its (annually?) published and much
controversial "impact factor" rating for scientific journals. As far as I am
aware, they have the largest citation index database available. Furthermore,
I am not aware of any such databases that are free (if someone else knows of
one, or at least of an effort to create one, let us know!!)


"Atreya Hanudatta Sas" <hsatreya at> wrote in message
news:Pine.LNX.4.21.0107092127540.8957-100000 at
> Dear all,
> We published (about a year back) a research article in an
> international journal. Is there any method by which I can find out,
> who else in the world (or how many papers) have cited/refered to this
> paper of ours, in their paper.
> Thanks in advance
> H.S. Atreya
> TIFR, Mumbai
> ---

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