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Tue Jul 10 01:55:33 EST 2001

"Fan, Xiaoxuan" schreef:

> hi, does anybody know some good search engine for antibodies? I need to
> buy anti-annexin monoclonal antibodies. Now I only know is
> a good search engine.
> thanks.

You could  use PubMed to find a research paper describing the use of such
an antibody. Usually the source will be mentioned in the methods section.
If you can't find such a paper, most probably the antibody does not exist

You could also check out these sites:  (The Antibody Resource Page)
http:/ ( Linscott's Directory of Immunological &
Biological Reagents; not for free!)

H. Veldman
Laboratory for Experimental Neurology (NMZ)
University Medical Center Utrecht (AZU)

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