Soaking in nucleic acids into a PAGE gel

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Thu Jul 12 07:49:40 EST 2001

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Karl Fischer at GHRI wrote
>What a colleague is interested in trying is leaving the polynucleotide
>template out of the gel matrix for the electrophoresis step and to soak
>in a template post-electrophoresis. My questions are:
>1) Is such a soak-in approach possible? If so what concentrations of
>template and duration of soak are required?
>2) Is there a size limitation for the template which can be effectively
>soaked into the gel?

I'm not sure it will be possible. You can elute oligos out of acrylamide
so you don't want to assay using a small polynucleotide. If it can go in
it can also come out during washes, hence why denatured/activated
xsomal DNA was used originally. 

Why do you want to omit the DNA?


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