cold room resistant fraction collector/gradient pump system

WJ DE GRIP wdegrip at
Thu Jul 12 08:11:59 EST 2001


We are using a BioRad Econo system for low pressure purification of
proteins, with a variety of gradient elution profiles. The equipment
is used very frequently, and therefore kept in our cold room. The
cold room is quite humid, a condition which cannot be remedied

We have frequent problems with the gradient mixer, since the print card
apparently is not very well protected from the environmental conditions.
BioRad says it is "our cold room's problem" and the repair expenses are
becoming worrisome.

Does anybody have similar experiences and got to some kind of solution.
Any positive experiences with or suggestions for comparable equipment from
other companies would be most wellcome, as well.

Thanks for any input,

					Wim DeGrip

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