TAMRA as reporter in realtime-PCR

T D Laing RTLaing at telusplanet.net
Thu Jul 12 19:26:18 EST 2001

Dr. Duncan Clark wrote:

> --
> Homogeneous Fluorescent Reporting Systems for Real-Time Quantitative PCR:
> Optimisation, Probe Technology & Future Systems
> 4-5 September 2001
> King Alfred's College, Winchester, UK
> http://www.dera.gov.uk/html/news/events/real_time_quantitative_pcr.htm

This link doesn't work anymore--it takes you to a notice page that DERA
split into 2 organizations as of July 2, 2001, and I could not find a
reference to this seminar.  Can you post an updated link?  TIA.


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