DIG-labeled RNA probes

Peter Ashby p.r.ashby at dundee.MAPS.ac.uk
Fri Jul 13 04:51:55 EST 2001

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 kovalick_g at utpb.edu (Gae Kovalick) wrote:

> Why are my probes so crappy-looking?  Any suggestions?

Is your RNAse inhibitor off? Are you using filter tips at all times? Do 
you run the probes straight from the transcription reaction or is there 
further processing first? We don't bother much with template prep. We 
cut, heat kill the enzyme and precipitate. Some here don't bother with 
the heat kill. And we use miniprep dna. We have no problems with yield 
or stability. I would suspect either the inhibitor or introduced 
contamination from somewhere (buy new stocks of ALL ingredients too).


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