TAMRA as reporter in realtime-PCR

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>This link doesn't work anymore--it takes you to a notice page that DERA
>split into 2 organizations as of July 2, 2001, and I could not find a
>reference to this seminar.  Can you post an updated link?  TIA.

I found this out myself yesterday afternoon. DERA split into two new
companies about a week or so ago, DSTL and QinetiQ. DSTL is the
organiser of the conference. Whoever split the original DERA web site
for DSTL and QinetiQ messed up and did not create/re-link umpteen pages.

If you e-mail Miss K J Varley at kvarley at dstl.gov.uk she will e-mail
back all the info. She is desperately trying to get the correct URL for
me but DSTL/QinetiQ is a huge organisation so it may take a few days.

It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really
quite busy.

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