Ethidium bromide

Luk Vandenberghe lucv at
Fri Jul 13 13:23:47 EST 2001

"L. Rzepiel" wrote:
> You do not need to run your gel in a fumehood.  No one ever does it.
> You also do not need to treat the running buffer as waste, it can go
> down the drain.  As far as using EtBr, you can just put it into your
> agarose and swirl, right before you pour your gel.
> LR

The problem with this strategy is that your EtBr will migrate in the
opposite direction of your DNA during electrophoresis. This will make
that the band with a lower molecular weigth will be less visible.
Soaking the gel in a 1ug/ml EtBr solution for 10 min eradicates that


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