Free medical, chemical and life science spell check for Microsoft Word!

Wesley dasaley105 at
Sun Jul 15 00:55:22 EST 2001

Wesley's Medical, Chemical, And Life Science Spell Check at

For the next 24 hours (or until 11:59 US Pacific Time July 15th) download a
fully functional spell check.

What's the Catch:  Only one end-user agreement per e-mail.  This means you
can only install it on one computer.  And after the 24 hours the price goes

  The first 24 hours :  Free
  The next 24 hours:   $10.00
  The next 240 hours:   $12.95
  After that:  $18.95

How to get it?:

Wesley's Medical, Chemical, And Life Science Spell Check

 Adds approximately 150,000 terms.

Includes terms for:  anatomy, bacteriology, biochemistry, biology, botany,
cell biology, chemistry, developmental biology, ecology, endocrinology,
engineering, entomology, enzymology, evolution, forestry, fungi, genetics,
histology, immunology, invertebrate zoology, microbiology, molecular
biology, mycology, nutrition, paleontology, physiology, plant pathology,
systematics, toxicology, vertebrate zoology, virology, zoology, cardiology,
hematology, medicine, neurology, oncology, pathology, pharmacology, physics,
radiology, surgery, veterinary medicine.


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