TAMRA as reporter in realtime-PCR

T D Laing RTLaing at telusplanet.net
Sun Jul 15 13:47:21 EST 2001

Dr. Duncan Clark wrote:
> In article <3B4E407E.FB8FC39A at telusplanet.net>, the eminent T D Laing at
> as if wrote
> >This link doesn't work anymore--it takes you to a notice page that DERA
> >has
> >split into 2 organizations as of July 2, 2001, and I could not find a
> >reference to this seminar.  Can you post an updated link?  TIA.
> I found this out myself yesterday afternoon. DERA split into two new
> companies about a week or so ago, DSTL and QinetiQ. DSTL is the
> organiser of the conference. Whoever split the original DERA web site
> for DSTL and QinetiQ messed up and did not create/re-link umpteen pages.
> If you e-mail Miss K J Varley at kvarley at dstl.gov.uk she will e-mail
> back all the info. She is desperately trying to get the correct URL for
> me but DSTL/QinetiQ is a huge organisation so it may take a few days.

Thanks for the info!


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