Tissue culture flasks question

Andrea Wong wonga at em.agr.ca
Mon Jul 16 14:06:13 EST 2001

I use T25, T75 and T175 flasks. The volumes used vary depending on my cell
densities. I use the filtered caps so I don't worry about media leaking out
of the neck of the flask if I happen to over fill the flask. I find I only
need these three sizes because I will use the flasks in an upright position 
while the cell densities are low and gradually add medium to the cells. When
the volume of cell suspension is at ~half the maximum volume or less I will
always have the flasks in an upright position because cells are happiest
when in close proximity to each other. When the volume reaches the maximum
amount or the cells are growing well, I will then place the flasks on their
sides. My maximum volumes are:

T25: 15 ml
T75: 50-60 ml
T175: 150-175 ml

I hope this helps!




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