Ames test: Ethidium bromide

Michael Witty mw132 at
Wed Jul 18 12:16:09 EST 2001

On Wed, 18 Jul 2001, David Micklem wrote:
> Sodium azide: 2240/1ug (assayed without liver homogenate), which I had
> no idea was anything other than acutely toxic and explosive. Guess I'll
> take more care with it in future (not that I use it often...)

My library research for sodium azide, looking for something like
epidemiological data, showed that when people wanted to do themselves
_intentional_ harm ingestion of 20 grams was sometimes and sometimes not
fatal.  My safety officer was _still_ not happy with the idea of me
using 0.02% sodium azide in roughly 1ml aliquots and talked, in a pretty
dopy way, about the danger of explosive residues.
     Salmonella typhimurium has its drawback as a model of human biology.
I would like to get hold of as much epidemiological data as possible -
perhaps a review paper is called for from someone!  Of course it
would have to be someone near retirement.  Mike.

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