clean hamilton 0.2mm syringae

felipe wettstein felipe.wettstein at
Fri Jul 20 06:57:06 EST 2001

dear mike

>            do you have SDS in your buffer?  In which case precipitation
no, as far as i know there is no sds in the loading buffer. the buffer
basic fuchsin, edta, bromophenolblue and formamide. and the samples
loaded, contian the buffers from the autosequencing pcr.

> may be taking place if the rinsing buffer is too cold: use warm buffer?
we rinse with double destilled water, i assume it is at about room

> (using warm water or ethanol after the event may be no good because a
> tight plug forms).  Mike.
that is an interesting point. do you think that the proteins (especially
taq polymerase) remainings could denaturate and block the syringae? 


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