Sergio sergioal at
Fri Jul 20 10:53:15 EST 2001

Hi all,
this is a message i already posted on but i obtained no reply.
Maybe this forum it's not the most appropiate for this question, but it's
possible that somebody here knows the answer...

recently i've found a paper in which there is a figure of geneplot program
output to detect ORF. So far, i've detecting ORF just looking for start and stop

codons (on bacterial sequences -> no introns). The figure shows a kind of
graphical representation, the x axis represent the position in the sequence, but

i don't understand what does the y axis mean. The line goes up and down crossing

the x axis and when a ORF is present there is a kind of plateau, over the x axis

when the ORF is in one direction and below when is in the opposite direction.
They say it's performed by using DNAstar and Winstar, but we have the first
program and there isn't any similar to this. May anybody please tell me what
this output mean?

Thanks in advance


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