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Fri Jul 20 11:48:34 EST 2001

Longe time I have used that program for the last time, but I think is a
kind of prediction of ORF by codon usage biass. The algorithms used for
this are basically two, one of them uses a table of preference for codon
usage, different for every organism and frame; the other uses only
patterns in DNA due to codn biass and is organism and frame independent.


Sergio wrote:
>  The figure shows a kind of
> graphical representation, the x axis represent the position in the sequence, but

> i don't understand what does the y axis mean. The line goes up and down crossing
> the x axis and when a ORF is present there is a kind of plateau, over the x axis
> when the ORF is in one direction and below when is in the opposite direction.
> They say it's performed by using DNAstar and Winstar, but we have the first
> program and there isn't any similar to this. May anybody please tell me what
> this output mean?

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