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| For the UV box thing: a plain
| blue light box lights up EtBr, you then need orange filter to see it (blue
| and orange plexiglass/plastic). There's one commercially available, can't
| remember the company though.
| cheers
| Bruno
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| > Hi folks --
| > In my lab we are currently having problems with gel
| > purification of DNA from agarose.  We are using Qiagen gel purification

The blue light box is the Dark Reader from Clare Chemical in Denver, CO
USA. THe url was posted in another response.

The Dark Reader is one of the very few devices which I've bought for the
lab that worked **as advertised**. The small size (15 x 20 cm, maybe) is
$625, pricey but half the cost of a UV box. We got it for detecting
protein gels and blots stained with Sypro Ruby fluorescent dye. For this
it's just as sensitive as a UV box, and incredibly more convenient. We
are probably detecting 10 ng protein, which is about what is claimed for
Sypro Ruby. Qualitatively, it appears to be as sensitive as an average
silver stain, or the very best colloidal Coomassie.

I haven't sent off for the free sample of Sybr Gold stain for DNA, but
will ASAP. Molecular Probes claims that Syber Gold is 10-100X more
sensitive than EthBr, so I've eager to try...

I've never had to say this before, but apparently it's "de rigeur" to
disclaim any affiliation with Clare Chemical. Or Molecular Probes.
(BioRad, from whom we purchased the Sypro Ruby, _did_ give me a free gel
electrophoresis unit and blotter... But Sypro is made by Molecular

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