Rafael Maldonado rmaldonado at
Mon Jul 23 10:51:08 EST 2001

Sergio wrote:
> i see, but what happens if there are a stop codon just in the middle of those plateaus
> (policistronic messengers)? How does the program detect it's one big ORF or some short
> ones?

That lines show the *probability* of being a "real" ORF. That's all.

> anyway, i still don't understand the advantage of using that approach for finding
> ORFs... 

Maybe is a incomplete ORF you don´t have a start nor stop, maybe is a
unusually big or small ORF and you are not sure of the "reality" of the
simple region between and start and stop codon... I have beenn working
for years with a gene that does not fit in the probability of those
algorothims and It was expressed for sure, so it is not important.

> However i
> have to say the graphic looks more "sophisticated" than the typical table or drawing.

Yes, really interesting to impress your supervisor... :)


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