Sergio sergioal at
Mon Jul 23 11:40:56 EST 2001

Rafael Maldonado wrote:

> Sergio wrote:
> >
> > i see, but what happens if there are a stop codon just in the middle of those plateaus
> > (policistronic messengers)? How does the program detect it's one big ORF or some short
> > ones?
> That lines show the *probability* of being a "real" ORF. That's all.
> > anyway, i still don't understand the advantage of using that approach for finding
> > ORFs...
> Maybe is a incomplete ORF you don´t have a start nor stop, maybe is a
> unusually big or small ORF and you are not sure of the "reality" of the
> simple region between and start and stop codon...

good points.. thanks Rafael
see you at es.ciencia.misc, where biologists are rare...

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