sodium tetraborate as transferbuffer

Nick Theodorakis nicholas_theodorakis at
Tue Jul 24 10:01:33 EST 2001

In <3B5D413C.D5BBF547 at>, Frank O. Fackelmayer 
>Borax wrote:
>> hello everybody!
>> i want to use sodium tetraborate as transferbuffer for sds-free western
>> blotting. but i don't know which molarity i've to use and if this buffer is
>> suitable for semidry and tank blotting.
>i haven´t tried it, but I´d guess that at least in tank blotting
>standard TBE buffer (as used for agarose gels) should do the job.

I've used TBE to electoblot nucleotides to nylon from a PAGE gel before, 
but I had to drop the concentration to 1/2X, beause it used a lot of current 
in a tank blot.

For the original poster (post didn't show up on my newsreader), what is 
running buffer for your gel? Can you just use that?


Nick Theodorakis
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