shipping mammalian cells from Europe to USA

Bob robdebob at
Thu Jul 26 17:35:24 EST 2001

I was wondering if anybody has any experience with sending mammalian cell
lines from Europe to USA (or put this way: importing cells from Europe into
US) and if yes, what exactly is the step-by-step procedure.

Several European colleagues of mine (I am in USA) who tried shipping to US
mentioned to me that USDA rejected entry of the cell lines into USA,
although all the paperwork was attached.

Which forms exactly do the European shippers have to fill out (USDA, CDC
etc.), which fetal calf serum do they have to freeze the cells in, do they
need to provide any certificates about the serum, and which forms do I as
the US recipient have to fill out? The European shippers would ship only one
frozen vial of a recombinant CHO or HEK 293 line .

Thanks a million times for any useful suggestion,


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