how to set up a small EST database

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Fri Jul 27 05:49:58 EST 2001

Ricky Boernke <ricky_boernke at> wrote:
> we have prepared a cDNA library of our favorite tissue and are now in
> the process of generating about 1.000 ESTs from that library. We
> were wondering if there is any possibility for a person not very much
> experienced in bioinformatics to set up a database for those sequences.

I would annotate all the sequence files and drop them into a directory.
You can search them with e.g. GCG (database is /path/to/directory/*)
and use standard unix tools (grep) to find any keyword in the headers.
I have not played with the free implementations of fasta or BLAST for
a while; therefore I don't know whether it is possible to use a list of
files in a directory for a database with them.


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