96-well plates for old MJ Research PTC-100

kim winkeler kawinke at westvaco.com
Mon Jul 30 15:30:39 EST 2001

Can anyone recommend a manufacturer/supplier of the 96-well plates
that are used in the old MJ Research PTC-100's?  The machines that we
have do not have the heated lid and require U-bottom plates.  MJR
recommends PVC plates, and we've been using PVC plates made by Falcon.
 However, we've been having problems with the plates lately
(crumpled/collapsed wells, poor amplification) and I was wondering if
anyone had better success with a different brand of plates.  The
user's manual for our machine also suggests using plates made by
Dynatech, and once I figured out that Dynatech changed their name and
became part of another company, I still couldn't find any ordering
info.  Anyone use (and like) these plates?  If so, who in the US
carries them?  BTW, I left a message for someone in MJR's tech
support, but they haven't bothered to get back to me yet, so I thought
I'd try this wonderfully helpful group!

Many thanks in advance,

Kim Winkeler

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