Fw: nonradioactive overgo labelling

Georg Otto otto at molgix.molgen.mpg.de
Tue Jun 5 10:58:17 EST 2001

Hi Deanne,

overgo probes are two oligonucleotides with a complementary 3-prime overlap.
The probes are labelled using a Klenow polymerase fill in reaction with 
radioactive nucleotides.
See also for a better explanation:


It gives very good and specific hybridisation probes. But for increasing 
throughput, one might think of doing it nonradioactive, e.g. with DIG 
labelled nucleotides. I just wonder if anybody has experiences with that.


dbell at qnis.net ("Deanne Bell") writes:
> What exactly is overgo labelling???
> Thanks ahead for taking the time to describe.
> D.Bell
> ----------
> : From: Georg Otto <otto at molgix.molgen.mpg.de>
> : Hi,
> : : I would be interested, if anybody ever tried nonradioactive overgo
> labelling,
> : and how it works with respect to background etc. Which protocols work
> best?
> : Every answer will be appreciated.
> : Thank you very much
> : Georg
> :

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