genomic DNA contamination using Wizard plasmid kit

Dr. Duncan Clark news at
Wed Jun 6 04:11:48 EST 2001

In article <9fk53o$fga$1 at>, the eminent Neil
Saunders at The University of New South Wales wrote
>When we run the sample without digesting, we get a discrete band at about
>18-20 kbp.

But do you still see the ccc and oc bands that would even more strongly
indicate a plasmid? Does real xsomal from the archaea run at the same
place on the gel?

Knowing how little cell paste one gets from some hyperthermophilic
archaea, I take it you have insufficient of your material to run a CsCl

What about xsomal specific primers? A PCR, albeit crude, may give you an
indication of xsomal contamination. 

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

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