Kinase assays of in vitro translated protein, suggestions?

Graham Dellaire G.Dellaire at
Wed Jun 6 06:46:34 EST 2001

Dear All,

I am attempting to use in vitro translated protein for kinase assays using immune complexes from HeLa cells containing a ser/thre kinase.  Has anyone out there tried this or seen a paper where this was done?  I am thinking of
either using an aliquot of in vitro translated protein directly in my assay or first immunoprecipitating the protein with specific antibodies, followed by mixing of the kinase and target protein immune complexes in kinase buffer
(i.e. the protein A/G beads and protein complex).

Any and all suggestions welcome.


Graham Dellaire
Graham Dellaire, Ph.D.

MRC Human Genetics Unit
Western General Hospital
Crewe Road
Edinburgh, UK


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