how to convert "units"of reagent in weight ?

Leman Leman at
Wed Jun 6 10:24:41 EST 2001

On 6 Jun 2001 15:25:58 +0100, DOCTORHIM at wrote:

>There is no way unless you can find the units/mg conversion factor.

In this life, as a research technician, I would agree with you.
However, from my previous lives (those of a nurse and a medical
student), I *seem* to vaguely remember that a "unit" on an antibiotic
vial refers to a microgram of active substance. Therefore, a 30,000
vial contains 30 mg. To make 0.03% solution one would have to dilute 3
g in 10,000 ml, or 30 mg in 100 ml.
Once again, those were my previous lives, so don't sue me if I happen
to be wrong.


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