Glycerol stock longevity

Alistair Forrest zzalforr at
Mon Jun 11 01:46:32 EST 2001

We've been doing large scale glycerols for storage of clonesets (96 well 
or 384) A number of groups are now recommending using carbeinicillin for 
these long term storages. As the amp goes off. I'm assuming it's only 
going to go off if you are needing to defrost these plates repeatedly to 
replicate the clonesets.

As far as small numbers of clones in epps. I haven't had any troubles with 
bugs spitting plasmids etc while being stored, but I DO streak them out. I 
know some people will just go into liquid culture and most of the time 
they will be ok, but sometimes they grow up a bug with no plasmid 
(contaminant? or just spit the plasmid?). As it takes about teh same time 
to streak out and pick a bug as it does to retransorm, I generally 
retransform (also this gives flexibility as to whichever strain you want 
to use).

cheers, Al

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