Looking for plasmid pTrc 99A

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at ibms.sinica.edu.tw
Mon Jun 11 10:20:37 EST 2001

Check MedLine/PubMed with pTrc99A. There are lots of 
papers, you might contact the authors.


From:           	rxh at leicester.ac.uk ("R.D. Haigh")
Subject:        	Looking for plasmid pTrc 99A
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> Hi Group
> I have one of those eternal problems - you find the plasmid which 
> perfectly fits your application and (in this case) AmershamPharmacia 
> stop selling it. So does anyone have the E. coli expression plasmid 
> pTrc99A (as used to be sold by AP) and more importantly would
> you like to share it with me ?
> Thanks in advance for your time
> Richard
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