in search of an insulin receptor antagonist

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Mon Jun 11 21:03:25 EST 2001

Downstream of the IR (and upstream of MAP kinase), there is 
PI3 kinase that may be blocked very effectively (and quite 
specific and cheap) with Wortmannin (applied as soln in 
DMSO). See e.g. Calbiochem or Sigma catalogue for this and 
other drugs. There should be some stuff now available blocking 
(more or less specific) the IR receptor tyrosine kinases. I am 
also aware of LY (some 5 or 6 digit number) from Lilly, but I am 
not sure if this is commercially available.
If you cannot find anything suitable in the literature (try 
PubMed or the internet with "insulin AND inhibitor" or similar) 
or in catalogues, feel free to mail me. I could ask my former 
colleagues in Tuebingen to dig out some stuff. (or check the 
publications of Haring HU et. al.)


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Subject:        	in search of an insulin receptor antagonist
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> Is there such a thing?  I've never heard of one, although I am,
> admittedly, very new to the area.  I've been able to stimulate the MAP
> kinase pathway in a cell line by treating with insulin (1 uM).  However,
> I'd feel more comfortable with the conclusion that there are functional
> insulin receptors present if I could block the signaling with an
> antagonist.
> Only I've never heard of one.  Is there an antagonist for insulin receptors?
> I'd be grateful for any information/insights.
> (please reply to hines at
> John

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